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Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux

About me:

Hello, my name is Marie-Apolline!

I’m a French business student at European Business School (EBS). I live in Paris since 2 years to be near to my school, before I was in Picardie with my parents. I'm an authentic person who need to be sincere and honest. The most important thing for me it's to be fulfilled in my life. I really like a French quote who says "choose a job that you like and you'll not have to work every single day of your life" I think that is the best quote who can help me at this time of my life.

In my daily life I’m an energetic person, very friendly but obviously organized, serious and determined.

I’m interested in several things like expanding my dad’s stone quarry, or creating a hotel experience, I mean a different hotel, providing a special experience. I really see myself in this field in the future. My personal project isn’t defined, but I have some objectives to accomplish before.

I’m open-minded, since I was in Bournemouth, I learned another culture with people from all the world. I’m a thoughtful, empathic and energetic person. I really like to work in a team. Meeting people to learn more about everything and share idea because of my friendly attitude. And if you want to know me better, you have to know that I very close to my friends and my family. Obviously I like traveling, I had the opportunity to spend 6 months in Bournemouth, 1 month in San Francisco with my school, and I’ll spend 6 months in Argentina the next year. However it's always a pleasure to come home.

My interests:

Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux

Digital Expedition in San Francisco:

I got the opportunity to come to California precisely in San Francisco for one month with my school. Thanks to the INSEEC group, which has offices in the Financial District

The project Digital Expedition was to be in full immersion: to know and understand the American culture, to discover a foreign city, to improve our English, and mainly to see for the first time a digital course.

Inseec Classes:

The city was chosen because of its projects. The startups and innovation near Silicon Valley that we are lucky to be able to visit. We saw Stamford University, Google, Apple and the Computer Museum.

Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux

The difference between the cultures are very interesting but sometimes very annoying. It can be difficult to understand why, and the rules may seem strict and we can seem insolent. However, after some weeks I feel very adapted. I think that the best thing to be here for one month it’s to “live” the other culture, see a lot a things differents and mostly gain open-mindedness. I enjoy my day, and use all my time to do something. Before coming I did a list with what I had to do, and visit in San Francisco. At this time, I’m not disappointed. I visited a lot of districts, some good restaurants, went shopping, saw monuments and museums.

I was very impressed by the MoMA. I spent all my afternoon with Lola, a friend. We saw a lot of styles of art. My favorite was the Pop Art with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg. I can’t speak about this museum without speak about the exhibition Louise Bourgeois Spider, she created the first of spider sculptures. Filling the museum’s sculpture gallery on Floor 5, Louise Bourgeois Spiders explores the captivating complexity of these creatures, with works sculpted.

Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux

I also visited Alcatraz. I didn’t imagine it like that. The visit was very interesting because of the audio. I chose to listen in French to really understand the story in detail. We can feel strange to walk in this famous prison, see their canteen, their cells… and the sound of the audio was very realistic in an icy atmosphere. To close the day with more funny thing, I went to Madame Tussaud with two of my friends who live with me for this month. In France we have something similar : Le musée Grévin, where you can see a lot of celibrities waxed. I had the honor of having a drink with George Clooney.

Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux Marie-Apolline Lecieux

See you soon!

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